The price for an egg donor to travel to Cyprus for egg donation is only 6300 EUR, and it includes:

The cost of the program shall be paid by the client to the bank account of the Agency after the client has chosen a suitable candidate of an egg donor in our database.

The following set of rules has been elaborated to protect your and egg donor's interests:

About Us

Successful Parents Agency was established in 2003 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our team has been involved in sphere of fertility programs in Ukraine for couples from all over the world. The Agency unites qualified specialists with years of experience in reproductive and fertility sphere, organization of medical services and family law.

The organization of the egg donation programs abroad is one of the main areas of our Agency. We have been cooperating with Cypriot clinics by organizing traveling of egg donors for IVF-programs in Cyprus for many years.

Our two leading partner clinics in Cyprus are ISIS CLINIC and Ledra Clinic. We are open to cooperation with other clinics in Cyprus as well. It is possible to arrange the egg puncture in the clinic that is not on our list. You can make a special request that the egg donor has an egg retrieval in the clinic where your treatment has already started.

Our clients choose us because:

Key steps


Before starting your program, we ask you to specify your request regarding the preferred egg donor's characteristics. Please, make sure to include the following details:

The more detailed your initial inquiry, the better we understand your needs in finding suitable candidates for you.


Upon receipt of your request, according to your criteria, we select and send to you detailed profiles (please click to view sample egg donor profile) with photos of the candidates who are willing and ready to participate in your egg donation program.

You can look through the profiles of the candidates to find your dream egg donor and make the right choice. We assist you in finding the egg donor based on personal acquaintance with all the candidates. Once we receive the consent from the chosen egg donor, we reserve this candidate for your program.


We will send to you a contract that you sign with our Agency. The contract is in English prepared by our lawyers in compliance with the legislation of Ukraine. Our cooperation officially starts when the contract is signed and the payment from you is received.


Next, we contact your doctor to discuss the details and a plan for your program. Experienced doctors in our partner clinic in Ukraine coordinate all medical procedures related to medical testing and stimulation of the egg donor prior to the egg puncture. According to the stimulation protocol the egg donor travels with our coordinator for egg retrieval in your Cypriot clinic. We keep you posted on every important detail and the progress of your program.


No, the selection of the egg donors is free of charge for you. You will need to make a payment when you have chosen a suitable candidate in our database. Before that you do not need to pay.

Yes, egg donors can donate at the clinic in Cyprus where your treatment takes place. Please contact your personal coordinator to learn more.

Our Agency represents each egg donor from our database. You sign a contract with the Agency, and we will be in charge of the medical procedures and all travel arrangements. Direct contact with the egg donor is possible only upon consent from her, as the anonymity of the egg donor is protected by the law.

We assure that the egg donor takes fresh medical tests in our partner clinic in Kyiv before she participate in your program. We also provide your doctor with full access to medical documents related to the program, including all ultrasound reports and medical tests of the egg donor.

The anonymity of egg donation is guaranteed by the law. For confidentiality reasons the Agency shall not disclose to clients any personal details of egg donors, nor distribute any personal information of clients to egg donors.

The results vary from case to case. Usually, the egg donor donates in the range of 17-25 cells, but often more.

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